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E-Toll FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions relating to e-tolling on Gauteng freeways.

What is GFIP?
The Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) comprises just over 200 kilometers of highway around Johannesburg and Pretoria and has Open Road Tolling (ORT) electronic gantries spanning both sides of the highway. These are situated approximately 10 kilometers apart in both directions.

What is an Open Road Tolling (ORT) electronic gantry?
An ORT gantry is a metal structure with two parallel frames a few meters apart that span the highway in one direction. Several cameras and e-tag readers hang from the gantries which are placed above the free-flowing traffic. The cameras and readers are able to take pictures of the vehicle passing under the gantry and read any active e-tags in the vehicle. When a vehicle passes under a gantry, its details (e.g.: registration, vehicle model, e-tag number - if active) are sent to the Transaction Clearing House (TCH) for processing. Thereafter the e-toll payment due is either debited against an existing account or handed over for collection.

Where are the ORT electronic gantries located?
View a map of the e-toll gantries here.

What is BAKWENA?
The Platinum Toll Highway consists of a 95 kilometer section of the N1 running from Pretoria northwards to the town of Bela Bela; and a 290 kilometer section of the N4 running from Pretoria westwards to the Botswana border.

Customers are advised that outside of the GFIP network, they are required to pay at the various toll plazas and not go through the e-toll lanes. If e-toll lanes are used, the toll administration fee will apply to these already expensive toll plaza charges.

How will I be charged for e-tolls?
Customers will pay the “standard tariff” as per the Government Gazette. Hertz will, however, be adding an administration fee onto the “standard tariff” to enable the recovery of system development costs and also the resources necessary to manage e-toll compliance. Hertz does not apply “capped” toll charges.

Possible delays in e-tolling information from SANRAL could result in charges (if incurred), being billed up to 60 days post-rental.

What happens if there is a power outage?
All the systems are monitored in real-time. In the event an e-toll gantry point passage fails due to a power outage, the backup system takes over while SANRAL service engineers attend to the fault immediately.

Can I use my own personal e-tag?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the Hertz e-tag in the vehicle with your own personal e-tag as the tag is linked to a specific vehicle. Please remember that the e-tag in the vehicle has no value when removed from the vehicle’s windscreen and, when damaged or removed, a replacement cost of R600 will be levied.

Why should I pay if I don’t agree with e-tolls?
When renting our vehicle you agree to the Hertz rental terms and conditions which include the payment of tolls. Your refusal to pay for the billed toll charges will therefore result in breach of contract and we will take legal action against you for the recovery thereof.

Should you wish to express your opposition to e-tolls while using a Hertz rental vehicle, we would suggest you travel on the alternative roads and thereby avoid paying any e-toll costs to SANRAL.

Will there be an increase in deposit or rental rates to cover the toll fees?
There will be no increase in our deposit payable at time of vehicle collection, as Hertz bills e-tolls on separate sundry invoices once the rental has been closed. E-toll costs are like a tax that we must collect and pay to SANRAL. They will not influence our rental rates.

Will I be charged for e-tolls on Chauffeur & Transfers rentals?
No e-tolls will be charged on Chauffeur & Transfer rentals.

Please familiarize yourself with the following to ensure your rental in Gauteng is hassle free:
Make sure that there is an e-tag in your vehicle. If there is no tag in the vehicle or your tag does not “beep” when driving underneath the gantries, please contact Hertz immediately on 021 935 4500 to ensure a replacement device is arranged for the vehicle.

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